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Choose our best selling Berkey Light 

Currently used by MILLIONS of SATISFIED Pure-Water-Drinkers

in Homes & Businesses around the world!

Shatter Resistant and virtually unbreakable! The Berkey Light™ system is made of high-impact strength copolyester and is BPA FREE!

The Berkey Light™ system does not leach foul tasting plasticizers into your water and will not retain the foul tastes or odors from waterborne contaminants. Its capacity is 2.75 gallons and comes with two
Black Berkey® elements.

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2.75 Gal. Berkey Light without lighted Berkey Base: $242

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2.75 Gal. Berkey Light with Ultra Bright White LED Lighted Berkey Base: $322

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2.75 Gal. Berkey Light with Cobalt Blue LED Lighted Berkey Base: $322





Berkey Light™


The GO Anywhere
GLOW Anywhere
Water Purifier


If you are on the GO....

Check Out the
22 oz. Sport Berkey® Bottle (Generic) with its

  Internal Purification Element

Make your own Purified Water anywhere, any time!


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"Sport Berkey Bottle" (Generic) pictured above
- $31


Berkey Bottle" (Screen Printed) not pictured - $37






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